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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between grass fed beef and grain fed beef?

Conventional beef animals have usually been grazed on pastures grown with artificial fertilisers and chemicals and then grain fattened with the assistance of hormones and antibiotics. Whereas certified organic beef animals are fattened on natural, chemical free pastures. Grass fed beef has a proven higher level of healthy omega 3 fats, high levels of Vitamin E, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and is lower in fat and calories.

Is your beef grass fed AND grass finished?

YES, our cattle are grass fed and grass finished all year round. Throughout the year our cattle roam free grazing on pastures and are moved into fresh paddocks every two to four days, depending on the size of the paddock. Our cattle have access to green feed throughout the year, even in the hot dry summer months, thanks to paddocks of perennial grasses.

From January to April we do supply a small amount of mineral supplement, which does contain lupins, to offset the lower energy and protein levels in the grass at that time of the year and ensure that our cattle maintain condition during the dry months. Basically this means we place a tub of supplement in the paddock, which our cattle can choose or choose not to eat. Because our animals are grazing on grass all year round the supplement only makes up a small percentage of their overall diet.

Grassfed and grass finished cattle are not only healthier animals, they produce great tasting beef full of beneficial fatty acids and vitamins.

Does Dandaragan Organic Beef have more flavour and texture than conventional beef?

Yes. Our customers often comment that our beef has much more flavour than conventionally farmed beef on the market. We recommend to all our butchers that they hang and age the meat, which enhances texture and flavour.

What is my guarantee that the beef that I buy is safe and free of chemicals?

Dandaragan Organic Beef is certified through Australian Certified Organic, who audit us annually. Our certification number is ACO 6103. Our abattoir is certified to process organic meat.

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